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In the middle of a week that is busy and full of solid science, this class came as a BRAIN-saver for me. Each time I go to this class i remember many things, first that I live in a normal society, second, there are many P.h.D students who share many problems, concerns and ideas like the ones i have. Thirdly and most importantly, it also reminds me that I wanted to be a teacher in the future. Why is this  important for me? Every week, I have certain level  in of energy and enthusiasm peaking on Monday. With all frustrations and disappointments during the week the level goes down, then this class comes and as i said reminded me of my goal in the future, which recharges my level of motivation toward working on my research and classes.

I think this was a well-taught, fun class which each VCU academic should consider..

BIG thanks to Mr. Jeff & Britt 🙂


Blogging makes teaching more interactive such that it will not depend on a certain time or a place, which makes the educational process much more effective. Blogging also give students a chance to be reflective. In a classical class setting, where there might be hundreds students, teachers are not available to hear students’ feedback or questions, blogs can make this process more effective and student-centered rather than being teacher-centered. Moreover, this process will enhance the participation of some group of students who are smart but shy, not confident, or not comfortable speaking on public. Students could learn from each other; however, great attention should be give to false or biased information.  Another thing I thought of while I was complaining to my friend about the need to write weekly in my blog, in fact, this will end up to be very useful at the end. Think of a class where you have to take daily material and then only study at the end of the year for the final exam. You could get high grades but how much information will be retained in your brain? Almost none! Blogging in teaching allows you to continue learning all over the semester/year in which the course is offered. Blogging helps track students’ development and change over time. It teaches you how to be collaborative with your colleagues especially in individualistic societies, and can attract external parties outside the classroom from which teachers’ as well as students can gain different experiences and thinking methods. From the economical point of view, blogging can reduce the cost of teaching; it cuts off your transportation cost or even the cost of building new classrooms. Finally and You might not agree with me with this last point, but as a person with poor writing ability, I think of blogging of a way to enhance my ability to express my ideas by writing and force me to keep working on my writing skills!

I am excited to have my first blog!

Everyone is welcome to participate and give me their opinions..

Looking forward to interact with you and have productive and  interesting discussions.


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  • Regina Oyesanya: I thought GRAD 602 is the best class on campus. I'm not alone! Thanks Britt and Jeff :)
  • Britt Watwood: Pat yourself (yourselves) on the back. You all recharged Jeff and I as much or more than we charged you.
  • amal: I believe that too! It just takes time for us to accept new things..I have done experiments on virtual animals and human beings during my undergraduat