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In the middle of a week that is busy and full of solid science, this class came as a BRAIN-saver for me. Each time I go to this class i remember many things, first that I live in a normal society, second, there are many P.h.D students who share many problems, concerns and ideas like the ones i have. Thirdly and most importantly, it also reminds me that I wanted to be a teacher in the future. Why is this  important for me? Every week, I have certain level  in of energy and enthusiasm peaking on Monday. With all frustrations and disappointments during the week the level goes down, then this class comes and as i said reminded me of my goal in the future, which recharges my level of motivation toward working on my research and classes.

I think this was a well-taught, fun class which each VCU academic should consider..

BIG thanks to Mr. Jeff & Britt 🙂



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  • Regina Oyesanya: I thought GRAD 602 is the best class on campus. I'm not alone! Thanks Britt and Jeff :)
  • Britt Watwood: Pat yourself (yourselves) on the back. You all recharged Jeff and I as much or more than we charged you.
  • amal: I believe that too! It just takes time for us to accept new things..I have done experiments on virtual animals and human beings during my undergraduat