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I was really impressed by the discussion about large classes. Previously I couldn’t think of  any advantage for doing that. I realize how much dedication, patience, solid teaching abilities and communication skills you need to have. One of the things we have discussed about the inability to do lots of presentations. This was my thought until I saw what technology has done for us! Two words …Pecha Kucha or 20X20! . Pecha Kucha  ( yes, it’s not an  English word’s Japanese) is a short presentation format where you present 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. The slides moves automatically and you should follow them while you present your talk. I think this type of presentation is very useful in a large-class setting. You can talk about a topic of your interest in 7 minutes, you talk about most important things and do a big favor for your colleagues by saving them from boredom! I might consider this Pecha Kucha in my Grad606 presentation next week..i like it 🙂



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  • Regina Oyesanya: I thought GRAD 602 is the best class on campus. I'm not alone! Thanks Britt and Jeff :)
  • Britt Watwood: Pat yourself (yourselves) on the back. You all recharged Jeff and I as much or more than we charged you.
  • amal: I believe that too! It just takes time for us to accept new things..I have done experiments on virtual animals and human beings during my undergraduat