Is it a blackboard problem or is it the failure to use it?

Posted on: April 13, 2011

Last class we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of blackboard for both faculty and students. I think blackboard is a great way to display the courses material effectively, flexibly (in various forms and at different times), and paperlessly. At the same time,  Blackboard cannot be a stand alone tool and is not the best technology to use in all occasions. However, a distinction should me made between  the unsuitability of blackboard and the ineffective use of blackboard. Instructors themselves could use blackboard in a way that reduce its usefulness. For example, instructors might have technical limitation that prohibit them from posting a good material or organize this material in an effective way. Moreover, instructors could overlook the interactivity role of blackboard (such as chatting or discussion boards) and use it solely for posting papers and assignments to students , while forgetting their instructors function to provide feedback, assessment or direct students to alternative and additional resources.

So, blackboard is not without disadvantages, but the effective use of it will lead and had already contributed to the advancement in education.




2 Responses to "Is it a blackboard problem or is it the failure to use it?"

I agree that too often, Blackboard is used in ways that are not very effective. The bigger issue is the realization that one should examine one’s use of any technology (Blackboard or otherwise) by its impact on student learning. Some colleges and schools are requiring faculty members to “use” Blackboard, but the responsible use still resides with faculty. We continue to think that applying the lens of the 7 Principles of Good Practice will suggest ways in which Blackboard can more effectively be used.

That’s right..the goal of any technology should be oriented in way that serves learning objectives.

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