RSS ..the web comes to you!

Posted on: February 22, 2011

I am currently in the process of writing a review paper. The usual procedure is that i will submit it to my advisor, then she will  read it, modify it and then having me (most probably) re-writing it.. From that time to the time it’s sent for publication_which we can say about 2-3 months, how many articles would be there every day writing about the topic I am doing my paper on?? too many of them..which means that everyday i have to go to pubmed or other databases and re-enter my search terms and see if there is/are new article (s) with this regard, or even to know if any one took the idea of my dissertation 🙂 When the invention of RSS was discussed in the class..i was thinking..WOW amazing..i can just rss the pubmed with my search terms and the articles come straight forward to my Google reader. Also I found a cool way to do that..please follow this link: Pubmed + RSS + iGoogle = Easy Lit Updates.

Enjoy the power of RSS+Pubmed+iGoogle !


2 Responses to "RSS ..the web comes to you!"

Your example is a great one.

Thank you. I am glad you think so! I think RSS feeds is a very useful technology when it comes to writing papers.

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